Thandie is a simple millennial who’s just trying to make avocado toast at two am and finish the next novel that she hopes you’ll fall in love with all while she also tries to get that degree in B.S of International Business (Accounting and Econ are softly, quite ruthlessly, beating her at her own conniving by the way, she needs a little prayer. Amen)

Thandiwe (who prefers to be called Thandie for short, for obvious reasons) is a bestselling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels that she specifically designs to gut you right from the first page. She enjoys making her readers sweat a little, but loves it when she makes them laugh above all else.

But these are all lies! She really spends an insane amount of time on Instagram, stalking Beyoncé for the next album release which she swears might drop at anytime. Sorry to that lady.