Cruel Kisses

Series: It's Just High School #2
Release Date: October 22, 2020
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She’s gone… good riddance to tormenting, cold nightmares that come in the form of sweet but devious kisses.
Thing is, without her here, there’s a fiery riot in my heart I can't control.
She left a bloody feud brewing in my house.
That Little Minx caused chaos and hell to break loose between my brother and me as only she can.
She kissed me and imprinted her broken soul to my darkness.
Now, I want her back with a kind of obsessive desperation that will drive us both to hell.
Hate or not, she’s still going to kiss me with everything she is, because she knows who she belongs to.
I’m going to own every inch of her pathetic, cold, dark, shallow, and meaningless soul that mirrors mine.
Is that cruel of me? I don't give a damn.
She’s the architect of this ruinous chapter we just entered, because what’s coming is more than devious.
We’re going to lose more than the cruel kisses we bargained for…

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