Poison Aches

Series: Westbrook Blues #6
Release Date: June, 2023
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The danger of a wearing a mask, is believing the mask.

And the gorgeous god of Westbrook Blues wears one so well, the world not only believes it, they also adore him.

Truth is, he's a cold-blooded god with a dark side.

He hides his ruthlessness, his cunning and devastating plans behinds a calm, impassive but seductive exterior.

Only problem is, I know his secrets.

Before anyone else heard his voice, he'd whispered a promise in my ear.

I'd felt his heart and heard it straining and yearning for something I'd do anything to give.

Maybe that's when it all started--the venomous fate between us.

A thousand heartbeats ago, I'd wanted his attention on me, but now, I want to run.

But Emmett Easton always gets what he wants.

He's a savage predator locked in on the scent of my desperation, my brokenness and my pain--all of which he foreshadowed.

I suddenly find myself at the center of his twisted plans, playing a game with only three conditions.

Exclusive. No holds barred. And indefinite--until ge says otherwise.

So now, in front of the deep emerald-eyed, heartless god, I'll sin.

I'll lie. I'll deceive. I'll do anything to climb out of this pit of unrequited despair.

But isn't it pathetic? To be intricately bound to a man that will for sure break me before he ruthlessly leaves me?


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